My Strength Book, KS3, workbook

My Strength Book, KS3, workbook

My Strength Book, KS3, workbook
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Strength-based pedagogy creates well-being, self-esteem, energy and intrinsic motivation.

My Strength Book and the Strength Game are based on research-documented theory and method based on positive psychology. The authors of this teaching material are both school teachers with qualifications in Pedagogical Psychology and many years of teaching experience.

The material focuses on well-being and inclusion in the pedagogical practice. The material develops the students’ self-insight, well-being, self-esteem and tolerance for diversity - a tolerance that among other things creates the basis for bully-free classes. The material emphasises pupil engagement and responsibility, and work is done on student plans, individual learning goals and methods to achieve the goals through conscious use of the strengths.

A cornerstone of positive psychology is the work with human resources and strengths. This material is based on 24 universal strengths - the so-called VIA strengths - that all people possess to a greater or lesser degree, regardless of language, culture or religion.

A strength is a personal resource and an innate ability to act, think, and feel that is authentic and provides energy. At the same time, the use of the strengths enables development, optimal function and good performance. In addition, the use of our strengths increases self-esteem and, not least, our well-being. There is research evidence for, and a documented effect that - when we use our strengths - we feel happier and have more energy and vitality, have more confidence, are more resilient, are more confident and experience less stress (Linley, 2008; Fredrickson, 2010).