The Battle Against Boredom in Schools

The Battle Against Boredom in Schools

The Battle Against Boredom in Schools
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Turn down the boredom and turn up the learning!

Many students are bored in school. Not only do they get bored once in a while - they are so bored or so frequently bored that it influences their learning, health and well-being.

In this book, the authors go to battle against boredom - and they invite you to join. Based on the best and latest knowledge about learning and boredom, you get several strategies and tools to make an effort against boredom at your school and in your own teaching.
The book contains 90 exercises aimed at students and teachers, which can be made with individual students, with classes, with a year group, in a teaching team or at school level.

The Battle Against Boredom is written for teachers and educational staff in school and in youth education. It can also be read advantageously by school principals, school consultants, school psychologists and student counselors.

Be sure to visit the book's website: for more information, sample chapters and exercises.

ISBN: 978-87-971417-0-0