The Strength Game, KS3

The Strength Game, KS3

The Strength Game, KS3
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The Strength Game – ‘get your strengths more in play’ is a fun game, which through stories from our own daily life puts a focus on the 24 universal character-strengths that we all to a greater or lesser degree have – regardless of culture, religion, country and language.   

From the research of the use of character-strengths we know that we optimize our wellbeing and boost our self-esteem when we use our strengths, while building a robustness and self-awareness, which gives us the right skills to perform better in social environments.
Thus, working with strengths is a way of developing tolerance for diversity, as we observe each other from a perspective of resources, instead of a perspective of deficiencies. It is also a method to work with: learning and goals of learning, and to achieve goals of learning, inner motivation, relational competence, joy and wellbeing – and involvement of the students and inclusion in the school setting.

That we can use our strengths in our daily life in an optimal way demands a language where we can talk with each other about the strengths. Only then can we gain awareness about how to get our strengths in play in an optimal way and thereby experience the optimal wellbeing and joy, as well as the inner motivation and energy, which the use of our strengths provides us with. We achieve this common language about each other’s strengths through The Strength Game.

The Strength Game teaches us about our own and each other’s strengths through our own stories from our daily life.
The Strength Game gives us the opportunity to notice the strengths in play both in the leisure and in the school hours. The Strength Game is played by 4 participants. One game-round lasts approximately 25 minutes.

The Strength Game can be played in school, the school center, the club, the youth club and in the home as well.